This is a page for links; the blogs of my friends, other blogs of mine, or other things that I think might be beneficial or interesting to any of ya'll. Every blog I post here has a purpose; none of them are just random, crazy blogs. Some hold good advice and tips for writers, and others lean towards the more spiritual and theological aspects. So I encourage you to check them out.

Other People's Blogs
Opinions, Thoughts, And General Rambling
Za's Writings
Another OtherWorld
Made Free
J. Grace Pennington
Let My Life Be A Light
The Rainbow in the Storm
He Knows Your Name
God's Country Boy
Aubrey Hansen
Teenage Writer
The Bigger Picture
BushMaid Design
Jonathan Garner
UK For Christ Blog
A Bevy of Balderdash
Chasing Woven Glass Through The Storm
Enter The Door Within
Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden {Wishful Thinking}
Exhortations by Elizabeth
Tri-World Stories
Walk With Us

Other Sites
UK For Christ
UK For Christ Twitter Page
The Rebelution

My Other Blogs
Whispers of Wind and Song
New Day Dawning
A Pirate's Life For Me (note: this blog is abandoned, and I made it a long time ago, so it's pretty silly; I only include it because technically it used to be one of my blogs)

That's all for now, but there'll definitely be more in the near future. :)

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