For Anyone Fighting Their Own Battle...

These are videos and websites of encouragement or coping mechanisms. I'm putting them into categories, so that anyone struggling with a specific problem - whether it's self-harm, loneliness, or an addiction - can find them more easily. I hope that these videos encourage you in some way. And remember - whoever you are, you can always, always come to me for comfort. I will never judge you. (My contact information can be found here: Contact Me .)

These are for you. I hope they help somehow. Remember; you are not alone. Never, ever alone.

(This is an incomplete list of links right now; please be patient while I compile the entire list.)

For the ones who self-harm:
Hope for the [self] Harmers (possible trigger warning; but it helped me, so maybe it will help some of you)
Self Injury Recovery Masterpost
99 Coping Skills
Managing Urges

For the ones who have lost the will to live:
Coping With Suicidal Thoughts
Suicide Hotlines
What To Do When Someone Is Suicidal (this is more a list of things important for others to know when suspecting someone is suicidal)
Depression: The Silent Killer (a blog article on suicide prevention)
It Gets Better
20 Reasons to Stay Alive
40 Reasons to Stay Alive
100 Reasons to Stay Alive

For the ones who struggle with anxiety or panic:
The Quiet Place (quietly calm down)
90 Seconds (relaxation exercise)
Tips to Cope With a Panic Attack
10 Tips for Coping with Anxiety and Panic

For the ones who have depression:
If You Need a Hug...
The Thoughts Room (get stuff off your chest; it really works)
The Dawn Room (words you need to hear)
PTSD Self Care/Self Soothing Techniques

For the lonely ones:
7 Strategies to Combat Loneliness
8 Simple Tips to Help Overcome Loneliness

For the ones with eating disorders:
Why I Must Eat
What is ED Recovery?
Learning to Love Your Body: 4 Steps to Self Care
How to Eat a Fear Food
Helping Someone With an Eating Disorder
30 Day Self-Esteem Challenge
Eating Disorder Recovery: Self Soothing Techniques

For the ones with addictions (porn, alcohol, drugs; any addictions):
12 Ways to Beat Addiction
Setting Women Free (for females who struggle with sexual addiction)
Setting Men Free (for males who struggle with sexual addiction)
Recovering and Current Alcoholics/Addicts & The People Who Love Them (a Facebook page for those struggling with alcohol addictions)
10 Tips for Overcoming Micro Addictions

For the ones who feel ugly or worthless:
More Beautiful You

For the ones who need distractions (from urges, emotions, or just life - these are fun and helpful distractions):
Neon Flames (paint a nebula)
Make a Painting
Cut Paper, Not Your Skin (trigger warning: this can get a bit bloody-looking [just red paint, really, but still]; paper that bleeds, as an attempt to take away the urge to cut)
The Colour Game
100 Things to Do
This is Sand (build things with virtual sand)

Comfort, Smiles, and Hope (videos, articles, and sites that can give you any of those things):
The Comfort Spot
Gives Me Hope (stories of hope and miracles)
Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Film
KittenCam (a live feed running so you can watch the cute kittens!)
PuppyCam (a live feed running so you can watch adorable puppies!)
PenguinCam (be honest, who doesn't like penguins?)

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