Wednesday, February 26, 2014

About Me

Lately, there seem to be several people that have problems with me, without bothering to consult me first or come to me with their thoughts, preferring to talk about them to other people. This appears to partially find roots in that people seem to be unclear as to who I really am and what I think.

I need an ‘about me’ page anyway; so here it is. I'm just putting it up as a post for now. This isn’t my past, like the Road To Reality challenges I took part in. This is me, now; who I am—now.


I am a 16-year-old girl from Washington State. I live with my parents and my brother, along with eight cats.

I have been officially diagnosed with depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. After extensive research on Asperger’s Syndrome, I’m fairly certain I could also be on the mild side of the Aspie spectrum, as I have about 90% of the traits I found lists of online.

I am a writer who seeks to glorify her God in everything she writes.

I am Pro-Life. Every human, born or unborn, deserves the chance to live—no matter what.

I am an animal rights activist.

My primary love language is physical touch. If a person wants to show me they love me (as a friend, sister, or otherwise), the main way of doing so is touch. Give me hugs, ruffle my hair, pat me on the shoulder. That is how I will feel most loved, even if it’s only a typed or roleplayed gesture.

(A note. When someone shows me they care about me in this way, I feel happy, safe, and loved. That said, I don't condone physical touch in an impure way. Things like what I mentioned above - hugs and such - are okay, as long as everyone is respecting one another's boundaries and following the standards set forth by the Bible on such things. If one is actively breaking Biblical standards or disrespecting boundaries, then that is absolutely wrong and unacceptable. It's a tricky topic, and one that I plan on talking more in-depth about in a later blog article - what you can take away from here is that by 'physical touch', I mean the kind given only in complete purity and Biblical love towards family-members in Christ.)

My secondary love language is words of affirmation. If I’m doing a good job with something, or you care about me, or anything of the sort—tell me. Let me know what you like about me, what I’ve done right; anything of a kind and encouraging nature.

My personality type wavers between ENFP and INFP depending on my mood.

I love to laugh, and I love to make other people laugh or smile.

I love being given nicknames; every time someone gives me a special nickname, it makes me feel happy and cared about. So do people calling me things like 'dear' and 'sweetheart'. It makes me feel loved.

'Princess' is one of my favourite nicknames; I really appreciate it when people call me that, because it helps remind me that I am a princess; a princess of the King.

I have been betrayed and manipulated many times; as a result, I find it hard sometimes to trust people. Please do not take it personally; just understand that I need some time to work through the doubts still clinging to me from the past. And please be honest; give me a reason to trust you. Show me that I can trust you. “Trust is built after a long time; it can all shatter in a matter of seconds, with one small word or action. It will take even longer to build the trust back up again, if it ever can be built back up again at all.”

I deeply care for my family in Christ, and love them as much as my biological family.

I’m normally a mostly peaceful person who avoids confrontation…

… but if you hurt, insult, attack, slander, or upset one of my friends or family members, I will very rapidly change from the peacekeeper to the warrior. You can do what you like to me, and say what you like to me—I will rarely, if ever, confront you about it, and only go so far as to write a blog post such as this, addressing things in a roundabout manner.

But if I perceive someone as a source of pain towards someone I love, that is something I will not let stand. Nobody hurts my loved ones.

I have limits and breaking points, just the same as anyone else. Yes, I will take any insults, disrespect, or hatred aimed at me for a very long time without much complaint or confrontation. But sooner or later, if it shows no signs of stopping or I have been advised by my mentor or another trusted family member—I will cut the rope tethering me to such things.

I believe in dressing modestly, to glorify God and to help keep my brothers in Christ from stumbling.

I wear a purity ring; this means, quite simply, that I will stay pure until I am married. This also means that I will have certain boundaries I set forth regarding any potential suitor in the future.

If one day God blesses me with the opportunity of marriage, I will only court. For my own safety of heart, body, and soul, I will not engage in casual dating in which the couple is not kept accountable by their family, friends, the church, etc.

If a man decides to pursue me, he will have to go to my parents and ask their permission; after, he will be required to talk it over with my mentor—this is because my father hardly knows me, or what God says on such matters. My mentor (a godly man who strives for Christlikeness in all that he does) knows my struggles, my fears, and my emotions. He can apply Biblical standards where my father cannot. The bottom line is—a man will have to talk it over with my parents and my mentor for permission prior to courtship.

All that to say—I believe in courtship and purity, and I will hold myself to those standards.

I believe in the Word of God, and that His Word is divine.

I believe that Jesus Christ died for all our sins on the Cross.

I believe that God loves us all just the way we are; but that He loves us too much to let us stay that way, and encourages us to strive for Christlikeness.

I believe that I am only a sinner saved by the grace of my Lord. 

If you cannot accept what I just wrote—you cannot and clearly will not accept me. What I wrote above is who I am; if you can’t respect these things, you cannot respect me. I do not ask you to agree with all of my beliefs. I simply ask you to understand that this is who I am, and if you are friends with me, you have to accept that these are my feelings, beliefs, and standards.


  1. Very well said, Princess! You have a wisdom and maturity way beyond your years.