Friday, July 11, 2014

Ask Me Anything

The lovely Elizabeth Kirkwood over at Chasing Woven Glass Through The Storm gave me this idea, as she is also doing it and told me I could as well.

This is a wonderful thing for any of my followers who happen to want to see me talking and hear my voice. This is a very bad thing for the followers who hate even reading my posts, let alone hearing me talk (and if that's the case, why are you here?). ;)

The idea is a simple one. I will film vlogs. Vlogs are just like blogs, only instead of a written article, they're videos. I'll sit there and ramble at a video for fifteen minutes or however long it goes, depending on how many questions I receive.

Yes, that's me. For anyone who somehow missed all the pictures I have on my social media profiles (as well as my blog's profile picture) and wanted to know what I look like. ;)

And that is where all of you come in. This vlog will be nonexistent unless I get questions from whoever reads this blog or my other one (Whispers of Wind and Song).

You can ask me anything you like. You can ask me about my writing, my characters, what I like to read, my life, my favourite foods, my favourite colours, hobbies, what I'm passionate about, my favourite TV shows; anything you like, really. As a prior warning, if you ask me to read something out loud, be prepared for me to decline. I freeze up if I have to read stuff out loud, usually; but don't let that stop you, as I just might oblige and read it after all. ;)

So that's about it; send away! You can contact me through my email address (which is in the 'Contact' tab above), over Facebook message, in private message over Holy Worlds, or just leave them in the comments here!

I look forward to hearing your questions. Just keep sending them in, and when I think I have enough, I'll film the first vlog! I'm excited; I hope the rest of you are. :)

Until next time,

Theodora Ashcraft


  1. What are your top five favorite foods? ~Snow :)

    1. *happybouncey* It's a Snow! ^_^ I've added your question to the list! :)

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  3. Do you like chocolate?

    What music do you listen to when you're supposed to go to sleep?

    What music do you listen to when it is raining?

    What is your favorite color of cat?

    Do you love any of your characters extra?

    What is your most favorite book cover?

    I... think that's enough questions from me for now. * grins *

    1. Thank you! *grins back* I like these questions. They're added to the queue! <3