Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blog Tour: "Keeper"

Hullo again, everyone! Typically, I put these sorts of thing on my writing blog, Whispers of Wind and Song, but this time around, it's here.

My friend Elizabeth Altenbach recently published her first novel, "Keeper".

 And today she's here to talk about it. You can buy her book at CreateSpace. Without further ado, I give you Elizabeth Altenbach!


Greetings, everyone! In case you’re just joining us, here’s a link to the beginning of the blog tour:

Today I’ll be introducing one of the two secondary main characters, Olivia Sterling Samuelson – or Livvy, as everyone calls her.

Livvy only lived to seventeen, when leukemia claimed her life. Before she got sick, she was five feet and six inches tall, with long, thick, black hair that she wore loose or in a ponytail most of the time. Her eyes were the same as Dreamer’s – such a dark brown that they were almost black. Her figure had just started to fill out from skinny to curvy.

She adored her little sister, Dreamer, from the moment she arrived, vowing to always be the best big sis she could be. She taught Dreamer everything, from pranks to tree-climbing to bike-riding to what books to read and which ones to leave on the shelf. She was always loving and kind, and did her absolute best to include her sister in everything. Sure, they had their disagreements, as all sisters do, but they were always minor, easily and quickly forgiven.

Livvy loved to read. She bragged that she’d read every science fiction and fantasy book in her local library, and no one knew whether it was true, but since she always had her nose in a book, they were inclined to believe her.

When she was diagnosed with leukemia and informed that she’d have to undergo chemotherapy, Livvy slowly began losing hope. She asked her mother to cut off her thick, beautiful hair, so that she wouldn’t have to watch it fall out. She started writing poetry, which she’d always wanted to do but never had. Over the period of her illness, she filled almost an entire notebook with poetry, doodles, and little snippets of wisdom she’d learned during her short life. The last time she’d gone to the hospital to stay, she left it on her bookshelf in the room she shared with Dreamer, so she never got to present it officially to her little sister, but she knew Dreamer would find and cherish it. She wrote several poems especially for her little sister, two of which appear in the book. But if you want to read them, you’ll have to read the entire story.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog tour! I hope to see you again at the next post, which will be at the Holy Worlds blog tomorrow: .


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