Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Bit About My Room

Here are pictures of a couple things that I hold dear. They are, in all honesty, the things I would probably never sell--unless I was offered an unbelievably high amount for them. They're things I hold close to my heart, for sentimental reasons. So, here goes.

This is a book I won for a contest on Holy Worlds. I wrote a short story for a science-fiction contest, and I actually won. That would be the first contest I've ever won. This book is Supervillain of the Day, by Katie Lynn Daniels, in case you can't see the picture very well. I read it, and loved it; there'll be a review coming soon, so keep an eye out for that.

This, as you can probably tell, is a replica of Sting from the Lord of the Rings movies. Funny thing is, I bought it before I ever watched or read Lord of the Rings. I saw the sword (dagger?) at an Irish festival, and thought it looked awesome, so I bought it. If I had known beforehand about the swords in the movie, I would have bought Aragorn's sword, which was also there.

This is a collection of poetry that a friend of mine wrote and self-published. There are a few poems in it addressed to me, and I never fail to get teary-eyed when I read them. I don't know that you can find it on Amazon; it might have just been a one-shot thing.

This (sorry for the sideways picture) is a program that I bought at my very first concert--a Celtic Thunder concert. It has pictures and information of all the singers in it.

This is a collection of poetry written by people from Holy Worlds (I posted the link above somewhere). All the writers there are infinitely talented, and each and every piece of writing in this book holds a message. It's a joy and a blessing to read and re-read through it.

This (again, sorry for the sideways picture) is Keith Harkin's debut album, named after himself. He's a member of Celtic Thunder, and I got this from the Celtic Thunder concert. And... I got to get it signed. It was amazing, and kind of scary to be right in front of one of the singers I enjoy listening to so much.

This is Peter's Angel, a novel written by Miss Aubrey Hansen. It's an amazing book; full of adventure. This is another book you can expect to see a review about shortly. If you haven't read it, believe me, you should. You won't regret it.

This is a Celtic cross. I came across the necklace online a year back or so, and thought, "This is a bargain, I should see if we can get it". Next thing I know, I'm in possession of a very nice, silver Celtic cross necklace. I only wear it on special occassions, needless to say.

This is a book of poetry written by a close friend of mine. Me and her went through a lot together in the year of 2012, and her poetry really echoes those trials. I pray that this year will go better for both her and I.

This is a necklace. The heart is done in a Celtic knot style, and it came from Ireland. My biological mom gave this to me for Christmas, and I keep it in a very safe place. I'm going to make sure nothing happens to it, and I'm only going to wear it on very special occassions.

This is a book written by Mary W. Hills, my good friend of... many years. I don't remember exactly when we first met, but I treasure every moment spent together. You can expect a review on this book soon as well... it's an amazing book.

This is another book by Miss Aubrey Hansen. It's science-fiction rather than alternate history. However, this is one of the only sci-fi books I've read and liked. That's saying a lot, since I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi. Another review shall be up for this book sometime soon as well.

This is my very own copy of all three Lord of the Rings books in one novel (the second picture is sideways, sorry about that). My grandmother had this sitting around collecting dust in her attic, so she gave it to my brother. Since he never reads, he gave it to me.

I bought this at Barnes and Noble with a gift card I got for Christmas a few years back. I never finished reading it, but I've always been an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes, so this book has a place on my 'special' shelf.

This I got offline. I haven't read it yet, but it came with me to a library near here... where I met Christopher Paolini, in person. So yeah, it's special. And knowing Paolini, it's bound to be good.

I've always been a fan of Brandon Mull's books. So I asked for the Fablehaven saga for my birthday a while back. They're all in perfect condition, because I'm so careful with them (which isn't what I can say for most books I get my hands on).

Last, but certainly not least, is my Bible. I got it a few years ago, when my mom decided it was time for me and my brother to get our own Bibles. I picked this one out special, because it looked similar to Indiana Jones's Bible from the Indiana Jones movies. When I bought it, I was interested in becoming an archaeologist. I still kind of am, though I suppose I lean more towards treasure-hunter now.

And there you have it, some of my most special possessions. I know, most of them were books. What do you expect from a bibliophile? :)

God bless,


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  1. Wow, what a nice collection of stuff, and thank you for adding the necklace I gave you. I really like the cross one you have as well. :) Love you. <3